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Dagestan stone

Following the disputed February 2008 presidential elections, the Armenian authorities blocked Internet customers’ entry to YouTube for a month. The Armenian opposition had used the web site to publicize video of alleged police brutality in opposition to anti-government protesters.

Several lyrical poems by Saʿdī had been translated into Lak and Avar by ʿAbd-al-Raḥmān b. Jamāl-al-Dīn Qāżī-qūmūq within the nineteenth cen­tury and into Lak by Yūsof Murkeli ( /1854-­1918).

A working class was forming; in 1897 there have been 1,300–1,400 industrial workers in Dagestan, and in 1905 there were 9,500. The working class was shaped from newly arrived Russian employees and peasants, in addition to seasonal migrant employees from Dagestan and Iran. There was a inhabitants development in Petrovsk-Port , Derbent, Temir-Khan-Shura , and different cities.

Under Russian legislation, the “investigation committee” is a authorities company in charge of investigation while the prosecutor’s workplace executes public prosecution on behalf of the state and is tasked with overseeing rule of legislation compliance by state and non-state actors. According to a Dagestani lawyer, there is no such procedure as operativny rozysk in Russian law enforcement practice, however that local regulation enforcement referred to these practices as such. Human Rights Watch interview with Israfil Gadadov, Makhachkala, September 26, 2014. Human Right Watch interview with seven native residents, Vremenny, January 23, 2015.

Genetic checks on Chechens, have shown roots principally in the Caucasus as well as slight connections to and influences from the Middle East as well as Europe. As is the case with many different Caucasian peoples, Chechens are broadly connected https://dagkameen.ru/ with European populations on the Y-DNA from all European regions, however narrowly nearer to Western Europeans in terms of mitochondrial DNA .

  • Local bodies of state power are municipal, raion, settlement, and village Soviets of working folks’s deputies, which are elected by the population for 2-yr terms.
  • The Supreme Soviet types the republic’s government, the Council of Ministers of Dagestan.
  • The Dagestan ASSR is represented by 11 deputies within the Soviet of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

The authorities additionally alleged that eleven insurgents have been killed in the middle of the protracted operation in Vremenny. A woman in Vremenny informed Memorial Human Rights Center that she saw three burned our bodies of males who have been alleged to be insurgents.

and There Is No Rosary have brought all-Union and worldwide recognition to Dagestani literature. as well as these of poets of the older technology (A. Atkai, A. -V. Suleimanov, and D. Atnilov), have been published. Ramazanov and Mirza Magomedov (1922–70), the Avar poets M.Gairbekova and Fazu Alieva , and the Lezgin A. Saidov .

Makhach Gamzatov, 31, Makhachkala, May 12, 2013

The manuscript collection of Dāḡestān state college consists of an original letter from Bugdan of Kumukh, written in the early nineteenth century to a con­noisseur of the Persian language and requesting a copy of ʿOmar Ḵayyām’s poems. Of specific interest to literary students is Antologiya persidskoĭ literatury (XVI-XVII vv.) (Anthology of Persian literature [16th­-seventeenth centuries]) with an interlinear Avar translation (in the assortment of M. Nurmagomedov, Makhachkala). The properly-known Arabic medical treatise Toḥfat al-­moʾmenīn by Moḥammad Deylamī turned out there to Kumykh readers through a translation from the Persian made by the Avar Nurmagomed of Khunzak; the work was also translated into Lak (H.L.L. Institute, ms. F. 14 no. 189). To put together the dictionary, Dabīrqādī traveled to Persia and different international locations to grasp the lexical wealth of the three languages.

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The city has permitted the existence of four mosques. The mayor of Moscow claims that four mosques are sufficient for the population. The city’s economy “could not manage without them,” he said. There are currently 4 mosques in Moscow, and 8,000 in the whole Russia.

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The Greater Caucasus Range, with its spectacular peaks including Mt. Elbrus at 18,510 ft, divides the region into the North Caucasus and the South Caucasus; other mountains split the world further. The North Caucasus includes Dagestan, Chechnya, and different small republics which are part of at present’s Russian Federation. The South Caucasus is comprised of the impartial states of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. In the old Soviet Union Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia had been among the 15 nationwide republics, whereas Chechnya and Dagestan had been so-called “autonomous regions” inside the Russian Republic. In right now’s terminology Chechnya and Dagestan are referred to as republics, which means they’re non-Russian ethnic areas within the Russian Federation.