LED UV Systems

For Sheet-fed Offset Presses
For Flexible Packaging Industries
For Narrow to Medium Web Printing Presses

UV Curing technology was introduced to the printing world in late 80’s and proved to be ground breaking with never before print solutions and applications. Now substrates thought impossible to print upon could be printed and with ease, predictability and at good speeds. High deposits of inks/ coatings were suddenly possible with instant drying properties of UV technology. In short the revolutionary technology opened a whole new world of printing solutions, innovation and creativity.

For over 3 decades mercury medium pressure lamps were primary source of UV radiation. For such a long time inspite of being cumbersome and highly power inefficient these system ruled the world of UV equipment as no other alternative technology could come even close to Medium pressure Mercury Lamps. LED’s as a source of UV radiation were there as an idea since a long time but it is only now that LED’s have become a reality overcoming many technical hiccups over last many years with development and advancements in LED manufacturing technologies accompanied with development in compatible inks/ coatings. LED’s have now become a reality unleashing another revolution in lifeline of UV printing world with advantages of massively energy efficient, low heat, long life LED UV curing solutions. So come lets explore the magical world of UV printing now with LED UV curing with us.

Alpna introducing on a New Generation of Upgradable UV LEDs and Brings You to a New Era of Printing and Industrial Curing solutions.

Advantages of L-CURE LED UV System

LED UV has got several advantages in curing and operations.

Power Supply:

L CURE offers solid state power supply for easy operations with following salient features:
  • 0% -100% Step-less power control for UV lamp.
  • High power efficiency.
  • Three Phase operation.
  • Digital Fault Display to pinpoint problems for trouble shooting on the spot.


  • Printing on heat sensitive substrate like- PVC, PC, PP, PET etc.
  • Met-Pet Printing.
  • Gumming Sheet Printing.
  • Stickers Printing.
  • Vinyl Printing
  • Printing on Speciality Paper

L-CURE Available as attachment for:

and other leading offset press

LED UV Lamp-Head:

This is one of the most critical components of the system and Alpna uses cutting edge technology to achieve one of the most advanced designs with advantages like precise UV focus, High output ratings, Compact size and easy maintenance.
  • Wavelength 385nm, 395nm and 405nm.
  • Curing Length available from 205mm to 1500mm.
  • Power Intensity – upto 30 watt/cm2
  • Power Rating as per size.
  • Hi-tech profile design for focused spread of UV Rays.
  • Easy mounting and dismounting via use of Plug-Socket connections for water and electrical lines.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Printing Speed upto 200 meter/minute.
Core of System Silicon Diode LED Fragile cylindrical quartz bulbs High resistance to vibration and shock
Power Consumption Low normally quantified in hundreds of watts/hr High, normally quantifies thousand of watts/hr Power consumption is 60% less: thus investment cost is recovers by the user in a short time
UV Source Life Time More than 20000 working hrs Varying from 500 to 2000 working hours. It depends on the condition of use and the environment No UV emitter to replace, No technical maintenance
Heat Generated by Lamp 60 C max, measured in lamp emitting window Greater than 150 C on lamp window. The bulb can reach 900 after a few minutes of operating Lower heat implies lower heat built up in presses
Radiation Type Emitted Pure UV Rays emitted UV-A+UV-B+UV-C+IR Improved safety for the operator. It does not emit Dangerous UV-C radiation
Environment and Health No mercury and other dangerous substances Contains mercury and metal halide potentially dangerous for the environment It is not necessary to dispose emitters as special waste
Maintenance Required Glass window cleaning only Frequent ordinary maintenance: glass cleaning, periodic replacement of UV bulb, replacing reflectors, cleaning filters Almost absent maintenance cost and production downtime


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