Twin-Deck Coater Series

One stop multi functioned offline coater from the pioneer of off-line drip-off technology based on rugged, high speed Heidelberg platform and a well established eco-system for operators/ spares/ service etc. Fully loaded versions offer CDB Anilox Coater, EPS based Interdeck UV and conveyorised UV+Hot Air Driers with auto sheets staking. The machine is designed and built for heavy Duty round the clock operation for handling medium to high volumes offering great flexibility of various coatings Like Drip-Off, Spot UV/ Aqueous, Primer coatings and many more.

Easy to Operate
Fast Change Over Time
100% Satisfactory Results
Complete Coating Solution
Over 250 Installations Across India
High Speed up-to 10000 SPH
  • Up to 10000 Sheets per Hour
  • Primer Coatings
  • Aqueous Coatings
  • Full / Spot UV Coatings
  • Offline Drip- Off Coating

Alpna's High Speed Drying Technology

  • High speed drying in UV and aqueous coatings.
  • High efficiency transformers and electrically for rugged performance.
  • High degree of safety- circuit breakers, fuses, overload relays for complete protections
  • Vertically designed control panel with CE approval.

Interdeck UV EPS Based

  • Air-cooled UV lamp-heads for minimum heat transfer.
  • Quick connections for air & electricity.
  • Advanced diagnostics for fault detection.
  • Heat extraction system for minimum heat built-up.
  • EPS type power-pack for power saving and precise step-less intensity control.
  • Indigenous cassettes design with quick heat release technology.

Flexo Polymer Conversion

  • Flexo Coater conversion for mounting polymer blocks.
  • Fast and easy makeready.
  • Compatible for PS plate, Blanket, Polymer block, Cut Blanket.
  • Easy register control for circumferential, lateral and skew resister

SMART-COAT CDB Anilox Coater

  • CDB chamber from Tresu.
  • Precise control of coating weight.
  • Make ready time measured in minutes.
  • Elimination of foaming and blisters.
  • Uniform quality at even higher speeds.
  • Minimal manual intervention.
  • Safer, vapour-free and cleaner working conditions.

Coating Circulation Tower

  • Enclosed coating circulation
  • Diaphragm Pump
  • Auto flush for fast change over
  • Quick connectors
  • Full automatic circulator available as optional extra

Automatic Stacker

  • Heavy duty stacker.
  • Pneumatic joggers.
  • Automatic table movement
  • Advanced Air-Cushening feature for thin paper stacking. .
Upgradable attachments for


Cold Foiling attachment
Cast and Cure attachment
Model ALFX65 ALFX82 ALFX94 ALFX102
Max Sheet Size 24" X 26" 22" X 32" 25" X 36" 28" X 40"
Speed 10000 IPH 10000 IPH 10000 IPH 10000 IPH
Drying UV, IR, Hot Air, etc
Application Offline Drip-Off Coating, Full/Spot UV Coating, Aqueous & Primer Coatings etc.
Stacking Auto Sheet Stacker
General Most Versatile Offline Coater for various coating needs.


AL102/74FX-High Speed Double Station Rhino Dexa Coater
AL102/74FX-High Speed Single Station Flexo Coater
AL102/74 HMFX-High Speed Multi Purpose Dual Coater
AL102/74HFX-High Speed Dual Coater
AL102/74 HMFTX-High Speed Two Colour Coater


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